Hilarious! Bad Lip Reading Cover of Presidential Debate Is A Must See

Trust Us, It’s Way Funnier Than The Actual Debate

The geniuses behind the Bad Lip Reading series are at it again. This time they take on the first Presidential Debate 2016 from an unbiased prospective, poking fun at both sides.

They went there: Hillary’s facial expression freeze up. Check this out for a good laugh and judge for yourself!

HONESTLY NOW and TIME TO ACT segments are by far the funniest resulting in some interesting back and forth from our beloved presidential candidates. Look in on just some of the hilarity in the few quotes listed below:

“ makes sense if I say that it does.”

“I don’t wanna big, fat, ugly baby I wanna baby on fleek!”

“I will not give you a thousand, you will take 25 for this dress”

“I hope you find all your kids, you know I had planned to help you find them but it’s really windy now”


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Written by Candace Marie

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