This Bald Eagle Refused to Move From the Middle of the Road

When they got closer, they realized why…

Bald Eagles, the symbol of our country, are majestic and beautiful. For a long time, they were on the brink of extension due to overuse of toxic pesticides. Fortunately they made a strong recovery and were removed from the list of threatened species. However, we’re still very protective of these majestic birds of prey, so its no surprise there isn’t much any proud American would do if the chance to rescue one.

Take a look as these officers shut down a road in Clearwater, Florida after an eagle was struck by a car and left unable to leave the road to get to safety:

Fortunately, the eagle was safely captured by rescuers and taken to a vet to be examined and treated. The veterinarian found the eagle had bruising and a chipped bone that left it in pain and unable to take to the skies. They decided surgery was required immediately.

After being treated at Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, the eagle is making a nice recovery and will remain at the sanctuary until she fully recovers and is able to fly again.

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