27 Memes that Prove Pugs are the Funniest Dog Breed

As if you needed more convincing.

If someone asks you to name the funniest type of dog, does your mind immediately jump to pugs? If so, you’d be correct. If not, the following 27 memes might just make you a believer.

1. Couch potato

Nothing wrong with a little lounging around on the couch.

2. Pug-hetti

Dinner is served!

3. Fake ID

This one hits way too close to home.

4. I like big pugs

Don’t we all?

5. The mightiest wizard

Fear his boundless power.

6. Not a clue

Uhh… where did those come from??

7. We’ve all been there

No need for judgement.

8. Window shopping

The best kind of window shopping, in fact.

9. Should have been a Dr. Seuss book

It could have easily outsold The Cat in the Hat.

10. Cool Story, Bro

The coldest of backhanded compliments.

11. It’s hard out here for a Pug

Straight puggin’ on the streets.

12. Work hard, play hard, snore hard

With a nose like that, you’d snore too.

13. So wise and sagely

Desecrate your footwear, I have.

14. Definitely intelligent design

Just look at that face. There’s no way that something so beautiful formed by happenstance.

15. He’s sexy and he knows it

Someone give this dog a modeling career immediately.

16. Pugkin Spice Latte

That is one tall order of cuteness.

17. Poor lil’ guy

He looks traumatized, and he hasn’t even had the operation yet.

18. We can all relate

There’s not enough Fridays in the year, am I right?

19. This pug finally realized diets are overrated

Jelly Beans over salads any day of the week.

20. Goodbye, darkness…

A little-known song by Simon & Pugfunkel. It never caught on like The Sound of Silence, but great nonetheless.

21. There’s an alien on my nose

This pug has no idea what’s going on.

22. Sometimes we could all use a little push

Just need a little help getting things going.

23. The mightiest of the dinosaurs

So incredibly ferocious.

24. Jabba the Pug

May the force be with you.

25. An epic battle

My money’s on the pug… always bet on the underdog.

26. Sibling rivalry

Anyone with an annoying brother can relate.

27. Pure joy

If only we could all experience pure bliss like this pug, just once.

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