The Real MVPs of the 2nd U.S. Presidential Debate

We’re not talking about Trump or Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s Pet Fly

A fly landed on Hilary Clinton’s face for a brief moment, and the internet immediately erupted with memes, Facebook posts, and Tweets.

Here’s the fly in action:

As soon as the fly made its debut on Clinton’s face, people sprung into action. The hashtags #HillaryFly and #MakeAmericaFlyAgain shot to the top of trending topics on major social media platforms, and a slew of jokes arose from all corners of the internet. Within 5 minutes of the fly’s cameo, at least four Twitter accounts dedicated to the fly had been created: Hillary Clinton Fly, 2016DebateFly, DebateFly, and TheDebateFly.

Ken Bone

Ken Bone is a man who had a chance to ask a serious question about energy policies during the debate. Here’s him asking his question:

However, thanks to his name, he instantly became an internet sensation–no one paid any attention to the question or the candidates’ responses… instead people were too busy posting jokes and memes, some poking fun while others proclaiming him to be a legend. CNN theorized Bone grew popular because of his clothing, while Daily Dot claimed it was because of his suggestive last name, mustache, and gentle aura.

Here are a few tweets (along with captions) about the man, the myth, the legend.

So what do you think? Who was the REAL winner of the 2nd debate? Trump, Hillary, the fly, or Ken Bone?

What do you think?

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